Bidnip worked great for years and I tried to get everyone I knew who bought things on ebay to sign up for it. I liked it that much and really believed in it.

Sometime in late 2017 (I think it was), I told my girlfriend's dad about it because there were several items that were coming up on ebay and he wanted to make sure he didn't forget to bid. These items were really hard to find collectables and important to him. I helped him sign up and he paid and I have to assume they were sure happy to take his money. The auctions ended and no bids were placed.

He totally missed out and it made me look like a fool. The $20 he paid to bidnip is gone.

Total rip off. I also had remaining credits in my account that I had paid for that were now useless, plus credits I got for referring him.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bidnip Marketplace.

Location: Kansas City, Missouri

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